Insulated Jackets For Backflow Preventers

Backflow Jacket® is a permanent, insulated, removable backflow assembly insulation jacket. Easy to install, easy to remove for testing or maintenance, easy to replace, and attractive, it is made from tough polyethylene with efficient polyurethane foam insulation inside.

      +   Manufactured from durable, corrosion resistant polyethylene
      +   U.V. resistant for exterior applications
      +   Provides ease of installation and removal for testing or inspection
      +   Provides vandal protection for your domestic water supply
      +   Lockable, removable, and replaceable
      +   Insulated with closed-cell non-wicking R-8 foam
      +   Has an exterior aluminum nameplate identifying the specific backflow inside,
           with the manufacturer's name, model number, serial number, and valve size
      +   An economical solution, Backflow Jacket® may cost less than one service call

Don't let unsightly insulation ruin your property's aesthetics

Cheap, temporary solutions may not last very long.
Backflow Jacket® is very affordable and will last years.

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Measure and drill pipe access holes Mount Jacket onto backflow assembly
Jacket fits any piping configuration Insulate exposed water pipe risers
Lockable for security purposes Permanent and secure protection
Backflow Jacket®
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